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Flower & Planting Parties

A 'blooming' lovely way to celebrate a birthday, hen party or get-together.

We travel to your home, holiday accommodation or hired venue with everything needed to create the designs of your choosing.

You'll be led step-by-step through the process by a professional florist.

Ready to book or enquire? Complete our simple BOOKING FORM here.

Succulent Urn | Planting Parties | Sweet Williams | Norfolk
Dried Flower Wreath | Flower Parties | Sweet Williams | Norfolk
Choose from the following or Contact Us for a bespoke party plan.

Flower Parties | £40 per person

Flower Crowns | 2 hours

Dried or Fresh flower options. Imagine the photo opportunities!

Bouquet Days | 1 1/2 hours

Using seasonal blooms you'll learn to spiral stems like a pro. A glass vase is included for each participant.

Dried flower Wreaths | 2 hours

A keepsake, perfect to adorn your wall or dress your table.


Planting Parties | £40 Per Person

Succulent Urns | 1 1/2 hours

Learn to style and care for succulent plants. Create your own bijou masterpieces and impress your friends with your planting prowess.

Terrariums | 1 1/2 hours

Moss & micro climates. Get creative with this small scale jungle planting inside a glass container. 

Kokedama | 1 1/2 hours

Plant presentation like no other. Select your plants and learn to build a moss ball. This meditative plant craft originates in Japan and is a relaxing way to enjoy time with friends.

Bouquet Days _ Flower Parties _ Sweet Wi
Flower Party | Sweet Williams Norfolk | Barsham Barns
Bouquet Days | Flower Parties | Swee Williams Norfolk

Minimum of 6 people per party. All materials and tools provided. Please allow 1 1/2 - 2 hours for the party as well as set up/pack up time. All creations are yours to keep and enjoy. Travelling charges may apply. Deposit required to secure bookings. Contact Us for party tips!

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